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Neuromancin’ with Myself

Back in the 1990s, I did a fanzine that was about as successful as I could hope for given my lack of financial resources. With nowhere to print it but an all-night copy shop manned by a guy named Fred the Bastard, I couldn’t really achieve any impressive […]

Cyberpunk for a Cyberpunk World

From time to time, old folks like myself ask themselves, “whatever became of cyberpunk?” It was a strange…subgenre? Literary style? Lifestyle? Some awkward combination of all those things that grew from a collection of writers who, working independently of one another and often with wildly different approaches, tapped […]

Gibson on Gibson

William Gibson talks to Wired about his new book, including this gem about an early photo of him that’s in the book: “It would have been very late ’80s or very early ’90s, and I liked it because it was emblematic of the fact that beautiful women actually […]