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The Yellow Curse

Grady Hendrix has written a fascinating piece about Chinese-American life and Chinatowns in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries and a story he’s written about it. “If you were an average Chinese living in New York’s Chinatown at the turn of the century, your life sucked. You […]

The Batgirl of San Diego

Fans are upset with DC’s drop from 12% female creators to just under 2%, or, well, 3 total.  And fans, most notably the Batgirl of San Diego, asked about it at San Diego Comic Con.  DC’s Dan DiDio responded by demanding of a male fan, “What do those […]

Why Aren’t There More Women in Comics?

Adam Knave answers a question a lot of comics readers have been asking lately, “Why aren’t there more women in comics?” : “[T]he industry has a history of actively trying to throw out half the population’s worth of potential. And then asking why they aren’t there, punching them […]