The Feminine Critique Stocking Stuffers

Just in time for New Year’s Day it is ALL the Feminine Critique’s “Stocking Stuffers” mini-episodes are available for your listening pleasure. “Do you hear what I hear? Public domain holiday songs playing over montages, black pumps stomping through Canadian conference rooms to make deals that will destroy small town diners, the bells of Santa Claus…that’s right, it’s the Christmas season and here at the Feminine Critique, that means one thing: STOCKING STUFFERS. These are mini-episodes that tackle those gloriously vanilla love stories found on Lifetime, FreeForm, and mainly, the Hallmark Channel. Oh yes, the Hallmark Channel. On our season 2 premiere, Emily delves in scarf-first to Christmas Incorporated. It’s a movie and things happen in it. More to come soon!”

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