“Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off!”

At Pornokitsch, friend of the Gutter Jared Shurin reads and reviews 31 self-published fantasy books to select a finalist. “The first step is to filter through the buffet of 301 books that have been sent my way. Although I’ll bring some fancy-shmancy grading criteria in later in the process, at this stage I’m being unabashedly subjective: do I want to keep reading it?

For each book, I commit to reading at least the first 20%. At that point, I make the call. If a book’s got me hooked, I set it aside for a more thorough, leisurely read. If I’m done, well,… I’m done. This is, of course, utterly subjective, but, let’s be honest about the nature of this process – no matter how much I like the books, I need to cull 29 of them.”

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