“Yellowed Pages: Foolkiller”

At Loser City, friend of the Gutter Nick Hanover looks at Steve Gerber and J. J. Birch’s comics miniseries, Foolkiller. “Before the Foolkiller was given a maxi-series, the character had been a fringe background character  in Gerber’s Man-Thing, lasting all of two issues before dying. This incarnation of the Foolkiller was a hardcore conservative named Ross G. Everbest, who snapped after learning his mentor Reverend Mike Pike was not quite as righteous as he seemed. Everbest in turn was replaced in the pages of Gerber’s Omega the Unknown by Greg Salinger, a mentally ill small time criminal whose definition of fools centered on an absence of ‘a poetic nature.’ Where Everbest died in a somewhat poetic fashion, stabbed through the heart by a piece of glass from the tank he kept Pike’s corpse in, Salinger lived on, institutionalized for his unstable behavior.”

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