“2018 Shero of the Year”

At Syfy Wire, the Syfy Fangrrls share their pick for the 2018 Shero of the year. And it’s Black Panther‘s Shuri!

“Black Panther hit theaters with a force that can’t be measured. It was more than a film — it was a movement, a source of inspiration and empowerment. There are no shortage of heroes in Black Panther, and so many of those heroes were women. Powerful, smart, with good hearts and unyielding courage, the women of Black Panther are each and all vastly important.

But there is one character who stood out, who didn’t merely steal the movie — we want to give her the keys to the entire MCU. We’re of course talking about our favorite STEM princess, judger of shoes, flipper of birds, Shuri.

These are just a few of the reasons Shuri is our 2018 Shero of the Year.”

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