Book vs. Flick: American Psycho

Friend of the Gutter Sara Century takes a look at the book and film versions of American Psycho. “In many ways, Harron was simply the best person for the job, and it’s difficult to imagine a film version by any of the other proposed directors reaching quite the heights of the finished version as it exists today. Having come up in the punk scene of late ‘70s New York City, Harron had an interesting view of consumer culture as it developed throughout ’80s. Turner was likewise more than qualified to script the film, with her insight as an out lesbian and independent filmmaker giving a specifically critical view of the excesses of the ‘80s. One of the more subtle changes Turner and Harron made was that the murders are not through Patrick Bateman’s eyes, rather the women he kills, adding an underlying tone of sympathy for them than could be found in the source material, which consistently referred to them as ‘meat.'”

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