Wong Kar-Wai on Chungking Express

“This is also the area where I grew up. I know this area so well, so I shot half the film there. To me Chungking Express, it’s like the night and day of Hong Kong. Some people say the film is about this or that character, but I say, ‘No, this film is about Hong Kong, it is my love letter to Hong Kong.’ This is the area that I know. I shot in an area that I grew up. I never went out as a kid, though the area [Tsim Tsa Tsui] is a place for entertainment, for late nights, and Chungking Mansions was the place for nightclubs. It had one of the best ones in Hong Kong called Bayside. [This is also the club where Wong’s father worked.] When the Beatles came to Hong Kong, they had their press conference there. So this is a landmark.” Wong Kar-Wai talks more about Chungking Express at Filmmaker.

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