“Not Everyone’s a 00: 1960s Non-Bond Spy Movies”

“I must be stubborn or blind to the world around me, but I believe that 2019 audiences still enjoy the clandestine arts of megalomania, quippy men in bespoke suits, and wildly inefficient research and design departments. James Bond is the name we know, but there’s also Derek Flint, Matt Helm, Dick Malloy, Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, and many, many, many others. In fact, there’s an exhaustive 308 back Eurospy Guide to help fans navigate the once prolific genre. Most of these films were cheap, fewer were competent – but almost all wore their specific charms on their sleeve like a boutonnière equipped with poison darts. The Netflix DVD service likewise doesn’t carry films that won’t woo subscribers, and subscribers can’t be wooed if they don’t know about the movies at their fingertips and readily available to view on home video.” Peruse friend of the Gutter Jay Patrick’s suggestions at Netflix’s blog!

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