“Women Watch The Watchmen: Charlotte Finn on Watchmen #8”

Charlotte Finn considers Watchmen and Rohrshach at Shelfdust. “[T]he chief failing of Watchmen with regards to Rorschach is this: Gibbons and Moore may have underestimated, severely, just how much audiences might like the idea of being dehumanized. For some, the dehumanization is repellent; for others, it’s freeing, a power fantasy as surely as being able to lift any weight and fly at any speed. Who doesn’t want to witty and ten steps ahead of all our foes? Sure, there’s a cost to being that sort of person – you wind up unable to relate to the world with much in the form of empathy or compassion, costs that are all over Watchmen. But we don’t quote those moments. We quote these ones.”

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