“If Y2K-Era Movie Theater Carpets Could Talk”

At A24’s blog, Foster Kamer explores the history of 1990s movie theater carpeting. There are interviews! “My own version of the Odyssey was the UA Showcase in the late 1990s in the Las Vegas Strip. The memory of the place is hazy (though I remember stumbling out of Go, 13 years old and giddy from successfully sneaking in) but the feeling of the UA remains. Futuristic. Y2Kish. Imagine: gray gradient carpets with cheddar yellows and splashes of teal absolutely everywhere. It was, generally speaking, upbeat. But it was weird! If you went to the movies around this time anywhere in the United States, you might’ve registered a similar aesthetic. Like cartoon corporatism and hypermodernism getting smashed through a cultural particle collider. It was ambient and nearly universal, and yet absolutely the opposite of timeless. One year into life without movie theaters and you might begin to wonder: What was that?

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