“What’s A Wrinkle in Time Doing in Ted Lasso?”

Anyone who’s read and loved A Wrinkle in Time probably thought they knew exactly what was up when the book came on screen. In episode 3 of Ted Lasso, Coach Lasso gives each of his players a gift-wrapped book.

“’There are some gifts up in y’all’s lockers.’ Like the Mrs Ws, he also gives wisdom in the form of gifts.

Those gifts in Wrinkle used to feel like a bit of narrative trickery to me—the Ws knew what Meg had to do, they knew what she had in her that would help her do it. Why speak in riddles and suggestions? Weirdly, it was watching Ted Lasso that made me realize: the gift was only powerful if the recipient figured out how to use it themselves. The gifts were hardly the power at all, what mattered was the discovery.” Read more from Jaime Green at

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