“How a Government Agency’s Offbeat Twitter Memes Landed in the Library of Congress”

Rolling Stone interviews Joseph Galbo, the social media specialist for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. “Galbo grew CPSC’s social media followers with an assortment of oddball memes that encouraged people to change their smoke alarm batteries and check for hot playground equipment. Galbo also began to develop an array of characters: Copernicus Jackson, a cat who accompanied safety tips for hurricane season and Halloween, and Ted, an ATV enthusiast who often ended up in strange locales but always wore his helmet. The same baby from the force field even returned as the ‘Great Baby,’ a mythical figure sent from some great beyond to inform parents about keeping cords away from toddlers and removing all objects from cribs before bedtime.”

Read more here. See the CPSC memes in the Library of Congress collection here.

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