Movies We Dig: The Warriors (1979)

Friend of the Gutter Tim Gerolami joins Joel Christensen and the Movies We Dig podcast to talk about The Warriors–and the Ancient World! “That’s right all you hard boppers, we’re back with a new episode on the 1979 cult classic, The Warriors. Joined by special guests Joel Christensen, Tim Gerolami and 60,000 soldiers, the streets are ours. We get into Xenophon’s 5th c. travel blog that (maybe) inspired this tale, gang life in the movies, Tim’s dad and the ultimate question one can pose on this show: CAN YOU DIG IT?”

Listen here.

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  1. I adore this film, a true dark night of the soul(s). My first exposure to THE WARRIORS (as I note in my book, because of course) came around 1981, when I caught the very end of it on HBO. Joe Walsh’s first version of “In the City” playing over the end credits made a lasting impression on me. Decades later, though, when I wanted to watch the entire film, I mistakenly thought it was THE OUTSIDERS. While the latter is solid, I was not what I was expecting. When I finally watched THE WARRIORS, I was mildly disappointed. But like other films before it had, it stuck with me. I rewatched it, and saw just how good it is. It fits snugly in the sub-sub-genre of “films that take place in a single night,” like AMERICAN GRAFFITI, DAZED AND CONFUSED, BEFORE SUNRISE (unless there is a prologue/epilogue I forgot), COHERENCE and THE SET-UP, which literally happens in 72 minutes of real time. Anyway, thank you for discussing this beautiful urban fairy tale.


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