Watching Country Gold

The Gutter’s own Carol watches Country Gold (USA, 2022) and shares some thoughts at Monstrous Industry! “Country Gold starts out almost parodically with famous New Country singer Troyal Brux (Mickey Reece). Troyal Brux is a riff on Garth Brooks in the 1990s, down to Brooks’ signature color-block shirts. Troyal’s career in country music is on upward trajectory in 1994. His shows are selling out. His albums are going gold. He’s an Oklahoma good ol’ boy making good, as he tells himself and us repeatedly. In a television interview, the majestically coiffed Gail Williams (Ginger Gilmartin) asks him who the greatest country singer is? He says: George Jones. Jones (What Josiah Saw‘s Ben Hall) sees the interview and sends Troyal a letter asking him to meet in Nashville for dinner and drinks before Jones leaves on an extended trip. Risking alienation from his family, Troyal accepts. Dinner and drinks turns into attempted excess, questionable stories, and revelation as Jones wants to spend the night with “the future” and recapture some of the feel of fame when he was in Troyal’s place.”

Read more here.

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