‘”We Give a Sh*t’: Gun Safety Defines the John Wick Franchise as Much as the Weapons Do”

Director, stunt performer and stunt coordinator Chad Stahleski is interviewed at Indiewire. “‘There is no reason to have a practically functioning gun on a set,’ Stahelski said. ‘To have a live round on a set is criminal. There isn’t a gun on our set that you could put a round into that it would be able to fire.’

The subject is particularly close to Stahelski, who was the stunt double for Brandon Lee, who was killed by a gun discharge on the set of The Crow in 1993. Stahelski refrains from speaking specifically about Lee or what happened on Rust but says there’s an industry-wide problem. ‘Ninety percent of the weapons available to rent are practical firearms,’ he said. ‘So you’re asking the industry to dump all their rentals and restock. Not that it shouldn’t happen.’

Read more here. (Thanks, Mike!)

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