“Ad-hoc Block: Dystopian Worlds and the War for Advertising”

“Today, we’re policed by ads. Targeted with products and services by what a surveilling algorithm “thinks we’ll like.” But people usually know when they are being sold to and when they are being solicited for money. It is not always so clear, however, when a company is seeking to influence their spending by attempting to directly control and shape their desires or their perceptions about what is normal and necessary in their world. Ads, not issues, shape political candidacy and voting patterns. Ads, not conflict, drives military and law enforcement recruiting. Ads drive traffic to video sites – many of which contain offensive, racist, or misogynistic content spiraling into conspiracy theories and hate. And there is no way to opt out. Ads are personalized, and they are unavoidable.” Read more from Holly Walters on advertizing, public space, and more at The Familiar Strange.

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