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Harryhausen Creatures

Do you miss the days of dynamation? Stopmotion skeletons and Selenites? Mighty Joe Young and the Minoton? Chinese Jet Pilots has a Ray Harryhausen Creature List with clips of nearly every creature Harryhausen made. There’s also a link to some nice stopmotion footage. Check out the beetlemen by […]

BSG Surprise

Spoiler alert! Abigail Nussbaum talks about the finale of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica: “In fact, I find myself dangerously close to the ‘but it’s not supposed to make any sense’ mindset that keeps people watching 24 and Lost.”

Knitted Zombie Doom

Behold the power of a knitted Dawn of the Dead, Tom Savini from Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead (see the flickr slideshow if you’d prefer) and the knitted Shaun of the Dead all created by cakeyvoice. cakeyvoice sells them, too. (All props to jiang tou […]

Incredibly Cool Control Scheme

Instead of an accelerate key you have to make motor noises into a microphone to make your racing car go? Awesome! Clive Thompson takes a look at some very innovative indie games. “It’s a delightful way of breaking outside well-worn control techniques — buttons, thumbpad, keyboard. This isn’t […]

The ads in Children of Men

One of the many exceptional things about the movie Children of Men were the media bits and bobs featured in the background, from the ads to the government public service announcements. The audience only got subtle glimpses, but you can check out the assets in detail at the […]

Vampires VS Big Pharma: Who’s More Evil?

On the subject of Kaiju-biology (monster biology), Peter Watts narrates his brilliant slideshow that explains vampires from an evolutionary perspective, and then explains how humans can profit by harnessing their predators. Watts brings his experience as a scientist and his talent as a science-fiction writer to bear in […]