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It’s Been Done

Is the “thug life” Grand Theft Auto-style now officially overdone? The Dubious Quality blog ponders Saint’s Row, a solid game that feels stale: “For me, though, there was a moment when this genre went from exhilarating to depressing.”

Hip-Hop Videogame

Is there really such a thing as a hip-hop videogame? Watch this convincing video to judge for yourself. A neat mix of arcade culture and hip-hop. (Keith Schofield also made a pretty awesome pi-related video).

Cultural Appropriation

Naomi Novik makes a stand: “I would rather take my characters to China and Istanbul and Africa and make mistakes and get corrected for them than confine myself to the safe Western European sandbox and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.” Her next Temeraire book is set in Africa, […]