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Susana Kearsley

Coming Up Roses

Like many in the book business, I get most of my books for free or at cost.  While I rarely have the patience or skill to bargain for any other object, when it comes to books the thought of paying retail is, to me, rather absurd.  The major […]

Highly Animated

Every April at the Gutter, the editors write about something outside their usual domains.  This month, Romance Editor Chris Szego writes about animated movies.   When I was a kid, cartoons were a real treat. I didn’t watch much TV, but Bugs Bunny and friends were mandatory viewing. […]

Two Hats are Better Than One

Trash.  Hackery.  Beach reads.  Genre fiction gets a lot of derisive description in the public eye.  Mysteries are ‘formulaic’. Fantasy is for the credulous.  Science Fiction is all lasers and improbable rocketships.   (I run a science fiction and fantasy bookstore, and once had a patron tell me […]

Interview With a Writer

Romance readers go through a lot of books.  We’re somewhat spoiled by Nora Roberts’s amazing ability to produce five or six new novels every year.  She’s an outlier, of course, but Romance readers are voracious, and very vocal about delays.  Publishers have learned to recognize and even harness […]

Second Place Ain’t Second Best

Previously, I wrote a column about Meredith Duran, who got her start in publishing when her first novel, the astonishingly good Duke of Shadows, won the First Chapters Romance Writing Competition. I liked the interesting and collaborative nature of the online contest. Entrants posted their first chapters […]