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Not in my backyard

“Not in my backyard” is a phrase that has acquired a bunch of negative connotations since it came into common usage in the 80s. NIMBYism usually means that there’s something you benefit from or rely on to maintain your lifestyle, but you don’t want anyone to build one […]

RIP, Bruce Surtees

Cinematographer Bruce Surtees has died. “He wasn’t afraid of having the character exist in either silhouette or total darkness and letting the dialogue do the work.” The Los Angeles Times has an excellent overview of his career with recollections from Clint Eastwood and Tom Stern.  

Mohammed Hussain’s Dirty Harry

“Where Hollywood’s films were full of urban grit and cinema verité style, Bollywood’s were full of blinding color and outlandish levels of artifice. This did not, however, deter Indian B movie king Mohammed Hussain from forging ahead with a remake of Don Segal’s Dirty Harry — one in […]

Not So Happy Ending

Talk about a long journey. Stephen King wrote the first line of a short story called “The Gunslinger” in 1970, at the beginning of his career, and the first volume of the Dark Tower series was published in 1982. Nearly 35 years after its humble beginnings, the series […]