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Noir, With Feelings

Some types of stories are so familiar that the only way to tell your own version of, say, a detective yarn is to find an interesting new angle. Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series makes the title character a wizard who solves supernatural crimes in Chicago. Additionally, Harry has […]

Summer Fun Time Reading!

It’s summertime and all the happenin’ sites have advice about bikinis, manscaping, quick cool meals and reading lists. I have no idea what to tell you about beachwear, other than you do look cute in that, but I do have some reading suggestions.

Another Interview With Joe R. Lansdale

Spinetingle has an interview with Champion Mojo Storyteller, Joe R. Lansdale:  “I don’t mind a stimulus for a story-do something noir, etc., but I like to play with those expectations. Genre has its place…. But I don’t like genre to rule my reading. If I had, I’d have […]