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A Visit to the Doctor

The eleventh season of new Doctor Who recently wrapped, and I don’t know if you heard, but the doctor is a ladyperson this time around. I’m going to skip the think-piecing on that except to check in with a “hell yes” and mention that I tuned out of […]

“A Woman, Explaining Things”

Sarah Gailey writes about the Doctor’s next regeneration and the courage to choose to love the show. “I have made the choice to love the show, as I have made the choice to love so many things that reflect the way men’s voices are valued while women’s voices […]


The Gutter’s own Angela Englert is starting a weekly livetweet of Doctor Who. “One Thing in progress, actually starting this Sunday, July 9, is a new livetweet I’m starting to help me deal with the gulf of a collapsing dwarf star where my heart should be now that […]