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The History of the Yakuza in Showbiz

“The history of the yakuza and showbiz in Japan extends over four decades. We traced the historical growth of the yakuza into the entertainment industry and it parallels the evolution of the yakuza in Japanese society, and society’s changing viewpoints on their existence.” More at the Japan Subculture […]

Jia Zhangke Speaks Out Against Cenorship in China

“The only reason that we cannot make genre movies is the barrier that censorship sets.” Jia Zhangke says more here.  Meanwhile a leaked diplomatic document gives  some insight as to whose taste is being served in recent Chinese historical epics.  Xi Jinping admires American World War II dramas:  “Some […]

What Exactly Does a Horror Reviewer Do?

Brutal as Hell features an editorial by Keri O’Shea about reviewers and the film industry, specifically reviewers and makers or horror film. But it is worthwhile reading for anyone interested in the relationship between pop culture writers and pop culture marketing and industry. (via @ruemorgue)