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The Unnameable Future, Part II

This month, Gutter Guest Stars John Crye and Todd Sharp continue their discussion of transmedia entertainment and The Unnameable Future.  Part I is here. Brooke Thompson, “experience designer” and blogger at GiantMice.com, recently posted a follow-up to her article, “Transmedia Will Kill Hollywood Is Killing Transmedia,” which we […]

The Unnameable Future

…or, Why We Are Confused About The Defining Terms Angrily Dismissed By Those Trying to Trademark Them Recently on her site GiantMice.com, “experience designer” Brooke Thompson posted an article entitled, “Transmedia Is Killing Hollywood Will Kill Transmedia.” In it, Thompson decries the fact that the new storytelling form […]

Twilight of the Geeks

Patton Oswalt wants to save geekery by destroying it:  “In order to save pop culture future, we’ve got to make the present pop culture suck, at least for a little while.”  It reminds me of Jim Munroe’s question at WisCon 2008:  “Does it have to get boring before […]