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Manga Eiga: Old Japanese Animation

The Japan Society had a program featuring Japanese animation from the 1910s-1940s.  Even if you missed it, you can still see some shorts —a beautiful 1929 silent featuring Tengu; sing along with a 1930 papercut animation village festival; an unfortunate butterfly from 1931; tricks between a fox spirit […]

RIP, Jane Russell

Actress Jane Russell has died at 89.  She starred in films and television in every genre from noirs (Macao with Robert Mitchum) to musicals (Gentleman Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe) to Westerns (The Outlaw). KPBS and The New Yorker have tributes.

Odienator Sizes Up Uncle Remus

Odienator answers two pressing questions in his piece about Song of the South:  “1. Should Disney release this movie on DVD in America? Absolutely. 2. Is Song of the South as racist as its rep indicates? Well…keep reading. (You didn’t think I’d just give you my goodies without […]