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“Wilkie Collins’ The Haunted House”

BBC Radio 4 has an adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ “The Haunted House.”  “In 1860, the formidable Countess Narona marries a rich young aristocrat in London–but shortly after travelling to Venice her husband dies, apparently of natural causes, leaving the Countess a rich woman. Years later, guests in a […]

Archaeologists in Space

When I was a lad no older than ten, I was pretty sure I was going to become an archaeologist. This assumption regarding my future profession was based pretty much entirely on having just seen Raiders of the Lost Ark and figuring that the career would lend an […]

An Ode To Dana Scully

At The Toast, Laura Sook Duncombe shares, “An Ode To Dana Scully.” Scully was the hero my pre-adolescent heart craved. Watching the show for the first time was like arriving at a place I’d never been but instantly knew as home.”