Tag: privilege

“We can do better”

At Gamasutra, Game Developer David Gallant writes about how the indie game developer community can do better. “Shaking up the status quo invites anger as you threaten the privilege you share with your privileged peers. But in our fear, we are politely allowing our communities to be less. […]

Deciding Not To Repel Women

“As nice as it must be to be that [18-25 year old male] demographic—when you’ve got everyone banging on your door, trying to court you, it must be very pleasant—what’s it like for someone who isn’t in that demographic? We know they play our games. We can see […]

Normal People and Women

At Slacktivist, Fred Clark discusses a Ms. Blog post dedicated to products “marketed to people and also women.” He notes the relation of this kind of marketing and this assumption of “male” as “neutral” to Disqus’ default icon for users who haven’t chosen one and to video game […]