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Shakespeare in Love

April, again, and gazing up from the Gutter, my colleagues and I must now tear our eyes from the stars and turn them instead to the vaunted facades of ivory towers. Or to put it another way: time to get reputable up in this biz.  His canon is […]

Filmi Ladies watch Ghostly Romance!

Pitu Sultan and the Gutter’s own Beth Watkins watch ghostly love stories and talk about them on the Filmi Ladies podcast! “Duvidha (1973) and Paheli (2005): two very different films from the same source material, both fantastically successful in their own ways.” Listen and watch here.

10 Things I Liked in 2022

I know it’s a bit late for a list of things I liked in 2022, but here at the Gutter we do what we want. And like Angela Englert and Sachin Hingoo, I am taking care of some end of year business. Besides, what if you discover something […]