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The Projection Booth watches Zerograd

Our friends at the Projection Booth watch Karen Shakhnazarov’s Zerograd (1986). “The film stars Leonid Filatov as Aleksei Varakin, he’s from a Moscow Mechanical Plant and comes to a small town to meet with a man about air conditioners. He soon finds himself in an absurdist nightmare where […]

The Gutter’s Own Carol watches Zerograd!

At Monstrous Industry, the Gutter’s own Carol Borden writes a bit about Karen Shakhnazarov’s absurd satire/mystery, Zerograd / Zero City (1998). “Zerograd is a film that requires a lot of pondering–especially in its presentation of the implications of distorting history, personal and otherwise. And it requires some thought […]

TIFF Midnight Madness 2022!

Here’s the line-up for this year’s Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival! If you can’t make it to the screenings, make sure to keep an eye out for these films when the come to streaming or a theater near you: Eric Appel’s Weird: The Al […]