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Honest and Dishonest Swearing

In 1969, Joanna Russ spoke to the Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention  about taboo words, their honest and dishonest uses and the unearned thrill:  “I want to be able to use dirty wordies without shocking anybody. I want to write about the subjects they refer to without shocking anybody. […]

Women in Comics, A Roundtable

Comics Alliance hosts a roundtable discussion about Women in Comics and “geek girls” featuring Comics Alliance Editor Laura Hudson, Fresh Ink‘s Blair Butler, The Beat Editor Heidi MacDonald and Newsarama/Publisher Weekly/Has Boobs, Reads Comics‘ Jill Pantozzi.

Scott Adams, Sockpuppet

Laura Hudson analyzes Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams recent embrace of sockpuppetry as a tool: “[H]e lied to us on the internet in order to hide his obvious personal agenda and conflict of interest. But it’s OK, because all he was trying to do was hide his obvious personal […]