Good-Bye, Oracle–Hello, Batgirl

As part of its massive “reboot,” DC Comics will make Barbara Gordon Batgirl again. This means, though that her 20 year history as Oracle, peerless hacker and information broker with an eidetic memory, leader of The Birds of Prey and one of the few examples of a differently-abled hero in comics, is gone.  Some readers are relieved to see a wrong righted–the paralyzation and humiliation of Bat Girl in The Killing Joke.  Others are sad to lose Oracle.  Many are conflicted.   Andy Khouri writes about the “Price of Restoring DC’s Disabled Heroine.” DC Women Kicking Ass writes about Barbara Gordon’s journey from Batgirl to Oracle. Jill Pantozzi suggests that “Oracle is Stronger than Batgirl will ever be.” Yours Truly, RDJ writes about a misogynist wrong being righted in “The Importance of Being Batgirl.” And Jill Pantozzi talks with new Batgirl (and old Oracle) writer, Gail Simone.

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