“I Love Superheroes But They Don’t Love Me”

At Feminist Sonar, Elsa writes about the representation of disability and superhero comics and movies. “Some days I wonder if I take things like this too personally, but honestly, in a world where Hawkeye was once Deaf but is now hearing, in a culture where Oracle has been returned to her walking self and is again Batgirl, in a film industry where Iron Man’s enemy has an army of disabled people who want him to fix them…. I’m not sure I AM taking this too far. The dialogue around cures, for example, is a huge debate in real life. Many people with disabilities (including myself) have no interest in searching for a cure. Either the options are too far afield for the medical community, or we just don’t think we’d adjust to a new life adequately. But in Iron Man 3, hundreds of disabled people are willing to throw their lot in with an evil genius because he can fix them. I don’t know many people who would chuck their morals for a new eye or a leg.” (Thanks, Kait!)

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