Spookoween 2015: 31 Days of Horror, Part III

Do you dare read the final chapter in the Gutter’s own Carol’s 31 Days of Horror blogathon? “Spookoween 2015 is winding down and it looks like I made it through. Roger Corman and Dracula both return, but not together. So many draculas! No Vincent Price this time, but there is a brief appearance by Vampire Prosecutor. And there’s a grieving mother trying to raise her two sons in mysterious circumstances among men that try to take advantage of her in various ways and another grieving mother who fights off a monster to save herself and her son. Another doctor prescribes Insulin Shock Treatment for Lady Troubles. Kurt Siodmak writes two movies. Plus, lasers, more draculas, a mummy, more lasers, and John Carradine and his amazing voice!”

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