Farewell, Jurassic London

Our friends at Jurassic London have printed their last book and we are so grateful for all their support. Thanks, and we’ll miss you! Jared Shurin writes a little about the history of Jurassic London at Pornokitsch.

“The list of memories – the ones that will linger – goes on and on. The first time we saw a Jurassic London book on Amazon. In a bookshop. At a book signing. In the British Library. In translation.

The first time an absolute stranger bought one of our books. (There’s still nothing that compares.) Or, the first review. The first positive review. The first royalty check. The first time we made a profit – and got to send it on to a charity. The first time another publisher got in touch, seeking contact with one of the authors we “discovered”.

Absolutely, we did so very, very much wrong, but somehow it worked out in the end. We’ve not only made a small shelf of (genuinely terrific) books, but a library of wonderful memories.”

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