The Exit Interview at Pornokitsch

Our good friends at Pornokitsch have published one last post and we are so sad to see them go. But before we wave good-bye, take a few minutes to read “The Exit Interview”:

Anne: We had both also begun to find ourselves increasingly frustrated by the kind of critical labels generally applied to the sorts of things we love, whether those things were books or movies or TV shows or whatever. Pop culture criticism tends to use words like ‘low-brow’ or ‘disposable’ or ‘trashy’ to talk about a particular kind of entertainment. The problem is, those words don’t just dismiss that content; they dismiss the people who consume it, too. We felt that, if other people weren’t going to take the things we love seriously, then it was up to us to do it….Jared: We are also frustrated that ‘fandom’ seemed to find the reverse true as well – the things that we loved, or enjoyed, were never held up to scrutiny. And the act of criticism was often seen as an attack, rather than a type of honour. The phrase we bandied around a lot was ‘we’re respecting this by taking it seriously’.”

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