“A Review of the Hereditary Wikipedia Page by Someone who is Too Afraid to See Hereditary”

Rob Harville writes about being scared about horror movies (and horror movies that some people might say are just thrillers) and reading about them on Wikipedia anyway. It’s a nice piece of writing. Now with Wikipedia summary reviews!

“It’s me, the Culture Knower so frightened of horror movies that I have resigned myself to only reading about them on the internet, which is like viewing a solar eclipse by staring into a cardboard box. I live in fear of those moments when a super-scary movie gains such prominence—like It in 2017, or A Quiet Place in 2018—that my refusal to go within 200 yards of a multiplex constitutes a personal and professional liability. The sole exception I have made in the past decade is Get Out, which I am very proud to tell you I watched in the theater, grinding my armrests into dust”

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