Umberto Lenzi’s Robin Hood

The Gutter’s own Keith Allison writes about Umberto Lenzi’s The Triumph Of Robin Hood for Diabolique magazine. “Following the template of the rollicking Errol Flynn swashbuckler and Hammer Films’ more recent Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960, starring Peter Cushing as the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham!), The Triumph of Robin Hood follows the same story as most Robin Hood films, but it does so with much less interest in stitching together a cohesive film. Instead, it bounds jauntily from one episodic encounter to the next, following the structure ‘someone gets kidnapped; Robin and his merry men laugh heartily and ride to the rescue; repeat until King Richard returns.’ In the end, it plays less like a feature film and more like a series of “Wonderful World of Disney” episodes strung together until a reasonable feature film runtime was reached. One half expects Robin and his band to ride off in one direction and pass the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, riding in the other.”

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