“Watch the Titles: Dr. No

At Forget the Film, Watch the Titles, Liselotte Doeswijk has a nice analysis of Maurice Binder’s opening titles for Dr. No.

“The mid 1950s was an interesting time for title sequences. The growing popularity of the rivaling medium of television prompted film studio’s to rethink their promotion strategies. Saul Bass was making waves with his modern designs for Otto Premiger’s films. Maurice Binder, who was five years younger than Bass, had over ten years of experience with film publicity and design at Universal and Columbia, and saw an opportunity for himself.

Before Bass, Binder, and others, it was not uncommon for a studio to have the poster, trailer and titles designed by different artists. A movie poster would often resemble other movie posters, rather than being part of a coherent visual strategy for the film. Binder could provide the total package; strategy and design for titles, trailers and print campaigns.”

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