Previously Unpublished Interview with Brigitte Lin

South China Morning Post has a previously unpublished interview with Brigitte Lin, Queen of 1990s Wuxia, on the set of Bride with White Hair (1993).

“Fantasy martial arts films were popular in the early 1990s, and Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia was the undisputed queen of the genre, sometimes working on two or three films at once.

The Bride with White Hair (1993), directed by Ronny Yu Yan-tai, shows her in fine form, slicing adversaries in half with a whip and throttling them to death with her long tresses of hair. The film is nominally based on a 1950s wuxia story by Liang Yusheng, and features Lin as a vicious martial artist who has been trained by a malicious cult to wipe out an alliance of local clans.”

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