The Projection Booth: Hard Boiled (1992)

Friends of the Gutter Mike White and Beth Accomando discuss John Woo’s Hard Boiled (1992) with Jess Byard at The Projection Booth. “John Woo’s 1992 film, Hard-Boiled is the story of a hot-handed supercop, Tequila, (Chow Yun-Fat), and an undercover cop — either Alan or Tony depending on what version you watch, played by Tony Leung [Chiu-Wai]. Tony and Tequila are working two sides of the same case involving the dastardly Johnny Wong (Anthony Wong). More than being a case of cops and robbers, the film is a farewell to the Hong Kong that Woo once knew and a farewell before emigrating to the U.S. for the next phase of his career.”

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