The Feminine Critique: “A Big Blob of Catchup”

At The Feminine Critique, Emily and Christine catch up on all the movies! “We’re back! It’s a marathon of Christine and Emily chatting about, well, everything, including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO):
Cruel Summer
The Third Day
Thunder Force
A Perfect Getaway
Turbulence AND Turbulence 3
The Arrival
Red Planet
Godzilla Vs. Kong
Coming 2 America
Immortal Beloved
Casablanca (it’s a thing)
Psycho 2-4
Amityville: The Evil Escapes
As Above So Below
His House
Ghost of War
Quick Change
Shudder’s Lucky, Slaxx, & Anything for Jackson
Wonder Woman 1984
The Toll
Emily’s run-through of Oscar nominations


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