Gutterthon 2021: Hellcats of the Gutterthon!

Hey, everybody, we’re just over halfway through our annual Guttherthon fundraiser and just over halfway to our goal. This year the theme is Hellcats of the Gutterthon and we have some sweet art designed by friend of the Gutter, Brian Kirby. Everything we raise goes to paying our hosting and domain fees, sending out perks, working on the site and paying our Editors and guest stars. Please consider contributing to Hellcats of the Gutterthon and get some sweet perks while supporting both paying writers for their work and thoughtful writing about disreputable art. Thanks! You can click through to our campaign here.

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  1. I just thanked a Richard for a contribution on Twitter but in case you didn’t see it: Thank you so much, Richard! And thank you so much for your long time support. It means a lot!


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