“Saturday Matinee: Back From The Dead

Friend of the Gutter Kate Laity watches Back From The Dead (1957). ” I was hepped to this film by Steve Bissette as we were talking about occult body-swapping in The Witches and other related things. I’d never heard of it. I have a paperback of the novel coming: both it and the script were written by Catherine Turney. Pitched more as Gothic than horror, the films lets us know from the start that good is with god and then there is evil. A touch heavy-handed? Yeah, but once you get past that there is some fun though not as much occult shenanigans as I would have hoped for. Turney was one of the first women writers contracted by Warner. She had a hand in writing for a lot of the big women stars, too, though not given credit for Mildred Pierce and thus missing out on its Oscar. She turned to writing for soaps, novels, and biographies, doggedly working without much recognition.”

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