“Looney Tunes without Looney Tunes: Existential, Surreal, and Creepy Backgrounds”

“The Instagram account Looney Tunes Backgrounds has compiled over 900 backdrops from the legendary cartoon, going all the way back to the ’30s, so now we can all take a thoughtful look at them. What’s interesting is that without the flickering back and forth of cartoons, these painted locations look like creepy, existential spaces, empty though colorful graveyards where someone’s childhood died.” More here. (Thanks, Brian!)

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  1. These drawings are incredible. Incorrect chronology aside, it is as though Edward Hopper painted some cityscapes, then Salvador Dali saw them and said, “Hold my wine!” then David Lynch came along and said, “Hold my coffee!” A thought which makes me downright giddy.


  2. You want backgrounds look at the Trans-Lux Felix cartoons. All the eggheads said that the UPA cartoons (Mister Magoo, etc) were Fine Aht because they were simplified. But all they were was cheap. In the Felix cartoons you can see the fire of real artistic temprament.


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