The Gutter’s own Carol on Mad God (2022)!

The Gutter’s own Carol writes about Phil Tippett’s Mad God!

Mad God (USA, 2022) opens with Wagnerian fanfare and a tower, the very image  of the Tower of Babel, consumed by darkness. Then we are shown a piece of parchment with a quotation from Leviticus as Tippett’s Mad God curses and scatters humankind. But it appears humankind resists this God and his curse. A soldier travels in a small capsule down through the layers of the Earth in pursuit of his mission. The layers seem to invert the tower’s levels and recreate them as levels of Hell. Each level recalls all kinds of elements throughout history, including art and film history, with many visions of Hell from absurd to Medieval to a barren landscape lit by mushroom clouds. The Assassin, as they are called in the end credits, is presumably traveling to put an end to this Mad God and his Hell. The Assassin and their comrades wear uniforms reminiscent of soldiers in World War I–a gas mask, something resembling an aviator’s jacket, and a helmet that recalls both the Brodie helmet and bowler hats. The film is simultaneously gorgeous and horrifying. There are very few stop-motion movies that have made me turn my face away because the gore was too much, but Mad God did.”

Read more here.

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