Fantasia 2022: Out In The Ring (Canada, 2022)

The Gutter’s own Sachin has some thoughts about Out In The Ring (Canada, 2022) at Biff Bam Pop! “Ryan Bruce Levay’s documentary Out in the Ring is mostly a historical piece, running though the roots of queerness in pro wrestling from the 1940’s to today. If there was a pivotal historical character or event in the industry that impacted homosexual portrayals and, spoiler, acceptance and celebration in wrestling, you should expect to see it covered here. From the earliest queer characters like Gorgeous George in the 1950’s and Adrian Street and Pat Patterson in the 1970’s, the latter balancing of his private life with his longtime partner Louie that was never acknowledged publicly until late in his career, Out In the Ring covers a huge amount of ground. Touching on the gender-bending Exoticos in lucha libre, to modern stars like Parrow, Out in the Ring somehow manages to hit every possible queer-related topic in wrestling in it’s 100-minute runtime. ” Read more here.

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