The Projection Booth on Black Lizard (1962) and Black Lizard (1968)!

The Projection Booth Podcast’s Mike White hosts film critic Samm Deighan and the Gutter’s own Carol as we watch and discuss two film adaptations of Edogawa Rampo’s The Black Lizard. Friend of the Gutter Prof. Earl Jackson is interviewed about the films, Rampo, Yukio Mishima and drag and cabaret star, Akihiro Miwa! “The 1962 was adapted by Kaneto Shindô and directed by Umetsugu Inoue while the 1968 was adapted by Masashige Narusawa and directed by Kinji Fukasaku. Both were based on the stage play version by Yukio Mishima.

Professor Earl Jackson discusses the strange bedfellows behind these amazing films about a criminal mastermind who squares off against the Japanese Sherlock Holmes.”

Listen here. And here is a link to a piece on Black Lizard (1962) by the Gutter’s own Carol!

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