31 Days of Horror 2022: The Performances That Make Us Scream—Robert Mitchell, Frontier(s) (2007)

Friend of the Gutter Robert A. Mitchell shares a “performance that made him scream” at Biff Bam Pop! “Xavier Gens’ Frontier(s) captures the xenophobia, the restlessness of a young generation as well as age-old human atrocities. Xavier’s film is also prescient as the sources of evil in the story are Nazis. A group that was often believed to be near dormant in the years following World War Two. These white supremacy entities would rise later in the twenty-first century to devastating effects. Cinema can indeed capture the current culture. It takes a lot of craftspeople operating at the peak of their talents. In Frontier(s), which is an ensemble piece, it is Karina Testa’s portrayal of Yasmine that is the centerpiece. It is one of the greatest performances in genre cinema. Karina’s portrayal spans silent, shaking devastation to guttural screams from the furthest depths of hell.”

Read more here.

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