“31 Days of Horror: Lynch / Oz”

At Biff Bam Pop, the Gutter’s own Sachin writes about director David Lynch and Alexandre O. Philippe’s documentary, Lynch / Oz (2022). “In Lynch/OZ, Phillipe enlists six filmmakers and reviewers to expound on Lynch’s fixation on Victor Fleming’s 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz.It feels, in many ways, like an academic text but with the mind-bending visuals of Lynch’s work to bolster it, and it cleverly avoids psychoanalysis of Lynch himself. I’m not entirely certain that The Wizard of Oz is the skeleton key to David Lynch’s mind (if one exists), but the five cases being presented in Lynch/OZ certainly make for a compelling argument, especially in a brief scene where Lynch admits that not a day goes by without him thinking about the Wizard of Oz, and a shot of Lynch’s workshop/studio that zooms in, crime documentary-style on a photo of Dorothy conspicuously watching over the proceedings.”

Read more here.

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